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Tripp Dakota has been involved in the arts for over 30 years / was born into the arts. He started drawing and painting at 4; was introduced to the piano and saxophone at 10; began shooting film photography at 15; and learned digital arts as they were birthed.


When he was only 15, he qualified for the Art Institute's correspondence program. He went on to work for the Walt Disney Company, and created artwork for NASA's Psyche space mission. His writing and storytelling led him to pen a novel, living in Argentina for inspiration.


During his travels of the globe, he always seeks out new forms of expression from different cultures, capturing his observations in writing, drawings, and photographs. His current travels have exposed him to inequalities, including poverty, education, and refugees. Always looking for more ways to help, proceeds from sales on this site go to organizations working on solutions to these complex challenges.


To always become a better artist through experimenting with new techniques and studying the history of those before me.

To be an advocate for those working on solutions to our world's complex challenges.

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